"America's Hiroshima":
America's Date with Disaster
War on Terror/Barbara Stock
August 2, 2005 - Reports are slowly filtering out about a plan by Islamics to detonate several nuclear bombs around the continental United States. Osama bin Laden has lovingly named this attack “America’s Hiroshima.” His logic for giving his plan this name is that the United States is the only world power to use an atomic weapon against an enemy and based on that, it is legal and within Islamic law for him to use such weapons against the American people.

According to reports obtained from captured Al Qaeda agents and documents they were carrying, several nuclear devices may have been brought across the Mexican border with the help of the MS-13 gang and are already in position for use.  All that is needed is the word from Al Qaeda to detonate them.  The plan is to kill at least four million Americans in an instant.  Osama has insisted that the bombs be placed in such a manner that at least two million of the dead are children.  The “Day of Islam,” bin Laden believes, will be the day America surrenders to Islam.

The number of weapons has been in dispute.  The Saudis claim there may be as many as 70 bombs within the American border and the Russians say 40 bombs is more likely, and still others say there are as few as seven.  What does not seem to be in question is that the bombs are here and the clock is ticking.

The smaller number is more feasible for many reasons.  Nuclear bombs are not simple grenades and need constant and diligent maintenance.  Each bomb is carefully cared for much like a mother hen tends to her eggs.  It would be difficult for Islamic terrorists to keep 70 nuclear bombs functioning properly.

Then there is the secrecy matter to consider. Seventy bombs would need 70 groups of men to service the bombs and keep them in good repair. That is a lot of people to keep such a secret.  Someone would spend an hour too long in a bar and let this secret slip out.  In these times, someone bragging that he has a nuclear bomb in his basement would be noticed.

Last but not least is the fact that seven nuclear bombs might not be missed for some time, especially in the former Soviet Union.  But 70 nuclear bombs vanishing would most certainly be noticed, even in the chaos of a corrupt Russia.  It should also be noted that there are American teams in Russia assisting them to dismantle and maintain the Russian nuclear arsenal.  Our men there would be able to report instantly if any were missing.  Add to that the shear size of a single, multiple war-head nuclear bomb and it becomes obvious that it is unlikely bin Laden has been able to obtain one of them.  Moving such a thing about without being seen would be nearly impossible.

This leaves the Russian “suitcase nukes” and some of those do seem to be missing.  American authorities have known about these small nuclear bombs for some time.  Although the Russian government tried to deny them, pictures have surfaced and the Russians could no longer claim that these portable bombs were just a dream that never came to fruition.  We now know that several of these small, tactical, nuclear bombs are missing and these handy, easy-to-carry bombs are ideal for bin Laden’s plans.  Greedy and suddenly out of work Russian nuclear scientists were probably easy prey for the money bin Laden may have waved in front of them.

The possible target cities listed are: New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C., and Boston.  Surely, more than four million people would die if all seven of these large cities were struck simultaneously. This leads one to wonder if perhaps bin Laden plans on using only four bombs in the first wave. 

Would bin Laden then demand the United States surrender to Islam?  Would he use the threat of the three remaining bombs to try and force the American people to accept Islam and abandon the Constitution?  That is the ultimate goal of Islam as stated by the Council on American/Islamic Relations.  Would bin Laden wait a day or two and detonate the remaining bombs just for the pure joy of killing?  Only he knows. 

It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  The last nation that thought it had gained the upper hand against the United States was Japan.  After a very successful attack which destroyed much of America’s naval fleet, a sober Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is said to have related to his crew that all Japan had succeeded in doing was awakening a sleeping giant and filling it with a terrible resolve.  Yamamoto knew Americans and he understood the American mindset because he had lived and gone to school in the United States.  In his heart, he knew that once Americans were angered and determined, Japan would lose the war it had started.  Yamamoto was right. 

It seems Islam has not learned from history.  Recently, the term “Muslim Nation” has been used on Islamic sites and in Islamic newspapers.  Islam has no country.  Islamics believe the world is their country and because young Muslims have been taught the entire world is the “Muslim Nation,” many have no loyalty to any true country. 

Would a nuclear attack on America cause confusion, panic, and chaos?  Of course, it would.  But as every television screen played the images of a great city like Chicago lying in ruins and Americans saw the charred bodies of fellow Americans lying in the streets, the rage would be unlike anything the world has ever witnessed.  Muslims in America would be overwhelmed in a heartbeat.  American rage would reach across the world to the farthest corner and there is no one that would dare to try and stop us.  Sane people would be too wise to interfere and truth be known, the world would wish America success because they know they would be next if we fail. 

Islamic attacks around the world are on the rise and Islam feels bold and untouchable.  Muslims who truly denounce this activity have little time left to stop their warlike fellow Muslims.  Trying to denounce radical Islam after a nuclear attack would be far too late.  The time is now.  It is Islam’s responsibility to rise up and stop the terrorists in its midst and stop the insanity.

If the killing continues, the civilized world will rise up with America and that will be the end of the Islamic dream of world domination.  It could well be the end of Islam.

I believe that Muslims may curse the name of bin Laden.  It may well be the last thing many Muslims ever do.  Islamics are constantly issuing warnings and threats to the world.  They speak of blood running in the streets.  That blood may well be their own.  I hope that Islamics will listen to this one warning from an average American:  “Muslims must stop radical Islam now because time is short and the nuclear fuse has been lit.  Once the bomb goes off it will be too late.”