During the period of January 6 through January 10, 2005, Southern California was drenched with one storm after another.  The storms dumped over 22 inches of rain on the Los Angeles area in just four days.  The Los Angeles basin is not structured to handle this amount of rain since it's very rare that we get half this much in a full year.  This much rain is especially a problem in the hills and mountains around the city where the ground became saturated to the point it could hold no more water.  The soil turned to mud and much of it came down into homes and onto roadways.  In La Conchita, a small community along the Ventura County coastline, the entire face of a mountain came down burring a dozen homes and taking as many lives.  In other parts of the area, water and mud raised havoc with local residents doing millions of dollars worth of damage.  The following photos and videos were taken from local tv newscasts over a period of 3 days immediately following the storms. 


CalStormsMov.mov  PHOTO Slide Show of 48 pics showing California Storm Damage
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LaConchitaSlide.wmv  VIDEO of Landslide that burried a dozen houses and killed as many people
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Malibu_Bolder.wmv VIDEO of road crew trying to deal with a 300 ton bolder resting on the road
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Man_River_Rescue.wmv - VIDEO of man being rescued from river after loosing control of his car.
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Road_Collapse.wmv VIDEO of roadway collapsing into river swolen by heavy rains. 
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Utah_Home_Gone.wmv  VIDEO not from California but of a house in Utah falling into river
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